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DVD review: Stanley Kubrick Boxset

Posted by Jonathan On February - 26 - 2008

spaceodysseyNearly a decade has drifted since his sudden death, but Stanley Kubrick‘s astonishing oeuvre  – and it’s easy to forget he made just 13 films – continue to loom like a monolithic shadow. Read the rest of this entry »


Film review: There Will Be Blood

Posted by Jonathan On February - 14 - 2008

there_will_be_bloodPudding. Love. Adam Sandler. Three things you won’t find in director Paul Thomas Anderson’s first film since 2002’s Punch-Drunk Love. Shuddering with biblical sound and fury, clocking in at nearly three hours and centred by a seismic performance from Daniel Day-Lewis, There Will Be Blood is something else. Something else entirely. Read the rest of this entry »


Lars von Trier: The Boss Of It All

Posted by Jonathan On February - 1 - 2008

von-trierYou recently said you feel “burdened by barren habits and expectations”. What do you mean?

If you have a level of success with something, you get carried away with it. You find out that the only reason why you read your newspaper is to see if your name is in it. Come on! That’s ridiculous and a waste of life! Read the rest of this entry »


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