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Film review: High School Musical 3 – Senior Year

Posted by Jonathan On October - 18 - 2008

highschoolmus3Should heartthrob Troy (Zack Efron) go to college on a basketball scholarship or dance his way to Juillard? Will he stay with true-love Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens)? Can they pull off one last musical spectacular before graduation? OMG! Packing the kind of happy-smiley high-drama that makes an episode of Saved By The Bell look like Tolstoy, the recordbreaking Disney Channel phenomenon is back: energetic, exuberant and utterly forgettable.

Directed by Dirty Dancing choreographer Kenny Ortega, High School Musical 3 sees the bright’n’beautiful teen megastars leap through no less than 14 glossy dance numbers while stumbling over their earnest dialogue. Each pop power-ballad sounds blander than the last and it’s more wholesome than a bowl of All-Bran. Like any of that matters: tweenagers will go nuts for it. Add an extra star if you think Zack Efron is, like, so cute.


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