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Film review: Changeling

Posted by Jonathan On November - 15 - 2008

changelingKidnap, murder, madness, corruption and another missing child… Changeling‘s true-story of ’20s single-mum Christine Collins is so good/shocking that if it hadn’t actually happened, some smart screenwriter would have dreamed it anyway.

Christine’s ordinary neighbourhood life is shattered when her 10-year-old son Walter (Gattlin Griffith) suddenly vanishes from the house. Gone. Five months pass. The Police inform Christine that they’ve found Walter. The media gather, flash-bulbs popping, and the boy steps off the train to be reunited with his mother. Except: Christine knows that this is not her son. Read the rest of this entry »


Film review: W.

Posted by Jonathan On November - 1 - 2008

w1Thrown into cinemas before its subject’s reign is even over, Oliver Stone’s awkwardly enjoyable biopic of George W Bush is a surprise: it actually goes easy on him.

Flashing back and forth through time, it traces George’s weird, weird journey to White House war-monger: a drunken frat-boy turned drunken job-dodger who finally swaps grog for God aged 40 to become born-again as American’s worst President. Read the rest of this entry »


Oliver Stone and Josh Brolin: W.

Posted by Jonathan On November - 1 - 2008

wstoneSitting down with the men behind The Man…

Josh, do you think Bush has seen your performance?

Brolin: In all honesty, I can imagine him on his ranch and he slowly puts in the DVD, while eating pretzels… and hopefully choking! No, I know a few people at The White House and there’ve been a couple of comments about this movie. But they haven’t seen this movie yet, so the comments seem pretty hollow. Read the rest of this entry »


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