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Cannes 2009: Diary 4

Posted by Jonathan On May - 17 - 2009


Bong Joon-ho. Not excited by that? You should be. Because the Korean filmmaker’s 2003 serial-killer drama Memories Of Murder was one of the best and least-seen movies of the last 20 years. A better claim to fame than having a firstname that’s undeniably amusing to Westerners? Yeah. Having loosed monster-mash The Host on the Cannes crowd in 2005, Bong now bounces back into the killer-thriller genre. This year, we got to meet his Mother.

Knitting, nagging and making your cups of tea are three things Mother isn’t about. Opening on a sumptuous wind-swept shot, Bong’s film quickly turns out to be something very different indeed –  part melodrama, part murder-mystery, all class. It sees the devoted old dear of the title (Kim Hye-ja) out to prove that her mentally dented son (Wong Bin) didn’t kill a local school girl. Afflicted by a goldfish memory, the sweet, simple man-child can’t recall a thing. But given his violent explosions (don’t call him a retard), anything could have happened…

Slowly untwisting through off-kilter dark laughs and stylish cinematography, Bong’s film ups the murkiness in every way as the mood of fearful uncertainly grows like a fog. Unusual, unpredictable and driven by a great performance from TV star Kim, it reveals shocking surprises and sad secrets at a measured pace to carefully build a compelling portrait of maternal instinct gone skewed. Masterfully framed and wrapped up in a tremendous sound design, it concretes Bong as one of the world’s most unique and gifted filmmakers.

You didn’t see Memories Of Murder? Do it now. Thank us later.

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