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DVD review: The Machine Girl

Posted by Jonathan On May - 26 - 2009

machinegirlMega-gore schlock-comedy The Machine Girl starts from a place of such sheer awesomeness, it’s hard to know where it can run. Losing a kid brother and a limb to Yakuza sickos, schoolgirl avenger Ami (softcore pinku starlet Minase Yashiro) re-arms literally with a Gatling gun body-mod before storming through the movie in a spray of blood and severed body parts.

Relentlessly blasting for cult status, but extremo J-helmer Noboru Iguchi directs with impressive flair and stretches his micro-budget to the max. Held together by tireless cartoon bad-taste. the arsenal of weapons (drillbra, anyone?) are matched only by the special-effects violence. How would sir and madam like their vengeance? Impaled, nailed, sliced, diced, dismembered, flayed or… tempura fried?


Publication: DVD & Blu-ray Review


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