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Lars von Trier: Antichrist

Posted by Jonathan On July - 15 - 2009


To hell and back with the Danish bad-boy’s most controversial film…

Lars von Trier opens the fridge and lifts out a beer. “I think you should have one,” he says, handing over a bottle as we take an armchair opposite him. “I really think you should.”

Perching on a well-worn sofa, von Trier looks at the cosy clutter around his room. Big TV, piles of papers, PS3 still in the box. “And this is the deer that I shot,” says the director. A deer’s head hangs on the wall. The deer does not look like it’s forgiven him. Read the rest of this entry »

Stephen Dorff

Posted by Jonathan On July - 12 - 2009

stephendorffYou’re suddenly starring in big movies for Michael Mann, Adam Sandler, Sofia Coppola and American History X director Tony Kaye. Does it feel like you’re on the brink of a real comeback?

Yeah, I mean… A couple of years ago, I wasn’t getting the films I wanted. And then I did this prison movie called Felon that was received pretty incredibly. I was like, this is weird for me. A movie that everybody seems to like! This is kinda cool! I suddenly started getting offered all these movies. Read the rest of this entry »

Film review: Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Posted by Jonathan On July - 8 - 2009

half-blood-princeEver since we walked in on Harry fumbling with his glowing wand under the bed sheets at the start of Azkaban, the Potter franchise has secretly been about (whisper it) s-e-x as much as anything else.

Inside the first few minutes of The Half-Blood Prince, the boy wizard is chatted up by a saucy London waitress who puts it on a plate for him. But, as ever, he’s whisked away by Dumbledore (Michael Gambon)… Read the rest of this entry »

Film review: Public Enemies

Posted by Jonathan On July - 7 - 2009

public_enemies“I like baseball, movies, good clothes, fast cars and you. What else do you need to know?”

What, indeed? The short, fast life of ’30s American gangster John Dillinger is legend: he robbed banks that robbed the public, becoming a media sensation, a Depression-era folk hero and the first Public Enemy Number One of J Edgar Hoover’s new FBI.

After breaking out of every jail that held him, he was chased across America by G-man Melvin Purvis and at last famously shot dead by police outside the Biograph cinema in Chicago after watching a Clark Gable crime flick.

We know this. Michael Mann knows this. Read the rest of this entry »


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