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DVD review: The Mysterious Cities Of Gold

Posted by Jonathan On February - 8 - 2010

cities-of-gold“Aaaaah! Aaa-aaa-aaa-aaaah! One day we will find, the Ciiities of Gold!” Today is that day. Two decades after dazzling pre-Akira audiences on the BBC, the great lost anime of the ‘80s emerges on a six-disc DVD set complete with deleted scenes, documentaries and – wait for it! – a Philip Schofield sing-a-long…

Essentially one epic, enthralling movie split into 39 serialised episodes, this French/Japanese-made adventure sees young orphan Esteban set sail with Spanish explorers in search of the secret treasures of El Dorado – and his lost father. Powered by an incredible ambient soundtrack (and the mightiest intro theme of all time), the ever-deepening narrative slowly evolves from gripping historical realism into mystic sci-fi, as our heroes encounter a lost civilisation with fantastic technologies en route to a truly cataclysmic finale. Its depth, intelligence and wonderful Ghibli-esque artwork are even clearer to adult eyes – meaning this is way more than a cult nostalgia kick.




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