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Olga Kurylenko: Centurion

Posted by Jonathan On March - 25 - 2010

How many Bond girls write letters to Lars von Trier? Only one. Only the best one, apparently. “Oh, I’ve been tracking him,” laughs Olga Kurylenko, mischievously. And what exactly did she write to the bad-boy Danish depressive? “I can’t say… But I did get an answer,” she smiles. Von Trier sent her a photo of himself. He’d signed it, ‘To the best Bond babe.’ “That picture is on my wall,” says Kurylenko. “He must work with me. He doesn’t know what he missing out on…” Read the rest of this entry »


Martin Scorsese: Shutter Island

Posted by Jonathan On March - 22 - 2010

Can we ask you some questions about New York?

Try, I don’t know that much about the city. From my house, they put me in a car and I go to the editing room. I don’t see much of it except a few blocks. I don’t know anything else. I see some people go by in the street sometimes. But I’ve always been there. I was born there, I was raised there, so… Okay, okay, let’s see how we get on. Read the rest of this entry »


Top 10: Chinese Restaurant Fights

Posted by Jonathan On March - 21 - 2010

1. Year Of The Dragon

One of Tarantino’s favourite films. The Deer Hunter director Michael Cimino’s Chinatown cop thriller explodes when Uzi-toting gunmen storm a fancy restaurant and douse it with hot lead: glass shatters, giant fish tanks burst, waiters crash over tables, a giant chandelier comes smashing down, diners topple down stairs… Mickey Rourke’s date is ruined. No wonder it inspired Kill Bill’s House Of Blue Leaves showdown. WATCH IT NOW!

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