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Jean-Claude Van Damme: JCVD

Posted by Jonathan On May - 31 - 2010

“Maybe this is going to be one of your best interviews,” says Jean-Claude Van Damme, on a shaky phone line from Hong Kong. Well, why not? There’s a hell of a lot to talk about. His rivalry with ponytailed face-smasher Steven Segal. The time he blinded a stuntman by sticking a thumb in his eye. The time he got an erection on TV. And, mostly, his comeback from career-death in one of the coolest indie movies of 2008. Part comedy, part biopic, part heist movie, JCVD hands Van Damme the most complex and fascinating role of his career: himself. Read the rest of this entry »

Prince Of Persia: Dangerous Game?

Posted by Jonathan On May - 19 - 2010

“I’ve seen the movie. It’s fantastic,” says Prince Of Persia’s star Jake Gyllenhaal. His director Mike Newell is even more pleased with it. “It’s colossal,” he nods. Their producer Jerry Bruckheimer backs them both up. “I thought it was brilliant,” he declares. “I loved it. It was just amazing.”

Typical. Hollywood types giving themselves a big pat on the back. Actually, no. They’re not talking about Prince Of Persia. They’re talking about the movie that everyone’s (still) talking about. Read the rest of this entry »

Film review: Iron Man 2

Posted by Jonathan On May - 1 - 2010

Every superhero blockbuster needs a Gotta See That Again action sequence. Superman Returns had the plane hurtling towards a baseball stadium. The Dark Knight had the crash’n’smash underpass chase. Even Fantastic Four had the lorry losing a shoulder-barge with Michael Chiklis.

Aftering surprising everyone with cinema’s freshest, funniest new super-franchise, director Jon Favreau begins his sequel exactly where he started: a fatherless man hammering out an arc reactor in a dark hole in the Earth. Read the rest of this entry »


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