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The Spirit: The Man In The Hat Is Back

Posted by Jonathan On July - 1 - 2008

spirit1Frank Miller brings one of history’s oldest superheroes back from the dead to give the comic-book movie a brand new life…

It’s 1938: Will Schuster creates an incredible new superhero who wears red stockings and a big flowing cape. It’s 1939: Bob Kane creates a fearsome new superhero who dresses like a giant bat. Read the rest of this entry »


Man On Wire: Look! Skywalker…

Posted by Jonathan On July - 1 - 2008

manonwireThe astonishing true story of the Twin Towers cloud-dancer, in Oscar-winning documentary Man On Wire…

They called it the artistic crime of the century. Shortly after 7:15am on 7 August, 1974, a 24-year-old Frenchman stepped off the roof of the South Tower of the World Trade Center into thin air. And walked around for 45 minutes. Read the rest of this entry »


Pan’s Labyrinth: Womb With A View

Posted by Jonathan On November - 29 - 2006

deltoroOnce upon a time… Guillermo del Toro’s WWII fairytale journeys into his heart of darkness.

Guillermo del Toro is crying. Crying his eyes out. He’s given up his salary, re-mortgaged his house and sold everything he owns. It’s 1993 and the young filmmaker has flat run out of ideas to escape from the gigantic bank loans used to fund his debut feature Cronos. Read the rest of this entry »


Casino Royale: All Bets Are Off

Posted by Jonathan On November - 1 - 2006

casinoroyaleA new Bond. A new Bond film. A new beginning. Daniel Craig raises the stakes with Casino Royale. Now do pay attention…

The studio didn’t want him. Too rough, they said. Too cocky. Too old to be Bond. Even the writer wanted someone smoother. Started openly referring to him as “that labourer”. But the Broccoli family, Bond’s all-powerful producers, were certain that this was the actor, this was Fleming’s Bond, “instead of all the mincing poofs we’ve had apply for the job.” Of course, it didn’t help that this guy didn’t seem to give a damn about the role. Hell, he even refused a screentest. Read the rest of this entry »


Gladiator: The Epic Reborn

Posted by Jonathan On January - 17 - 2006


How Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe resurrected the Hollywood epic…

Bronzed, muscular, swarming with extras, heavy with budget and gasping for Academy awe… Hollywood epics are everywhere nowadays, from Troy to Alexander to Kingdom Of Heaven. Back in 2000, things were a little different. “When I read the script,” remembers Russell Crowe of Ridley Scott’s multi-Oscar-winning, box-office smash. “I thought the whole thing had the potential to go titty-fucking-cunt-up…” Read the rest of this entry »


Studio Ghibli: Inside The Dream Factory

Posted by Jonathan On September - 1 - 2005

miyazakiTravelling to Japan to meet the gentle genius behind Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle…

They call him the Walt Disney of Japan. He’s adored by Kurosawa and Spielberg. If you ask Pixar godhead John Lasseter, “He’s the greatest director living today.” So when Hayao Miyazaki invited Total Film to visit him in Japan, take a special tour of Studio Ghibli and find out exactly why this reclusive Japanese fabulist is the greatest animator the movies have ever seen, we couldn’t say no… Read the rest of this entry »


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