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Lars von Trier: The Boss Of It All

Posted by Jonathan On February - 1 - 2008

von-trierYou recently said you feel “burdened by barren habits and expectations”. What do you mean?

If you have a level of success with something, you get carried away with it. You find out that the only reason why you read your newspaper is to see if your name is in it. Come on! That’s ridiculous and a waste of life! Read the rest of this entry »


Sidney Lumet: Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

Posted by Jonathan On January - 1 - 2008

lumetAcross six decades and 45 movies including 12 Angry Men, Serpico, Network and now Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, director Sidney Lumet has extracted some of the great performances in US cinema history.

What felt special to you about Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead?

The emotional outpouring that had to take place from the actors – because the movie is pitched so highly. It’s so wonderfully acted. Read the rest of this entry »


Richard Kelly: Southland Tales

Posted by Jonathan On November - 18 - 2007

southland_talesHow Donnie Darko’ director Richard Kelly got lost in Southland Tales…

Porn star. Severed thumbs. Amnesiac actor. Lip-synching Iraq veteran. Psychedelic drugs. Kidnapped cop. His twin brother. Neo-Marxist anarchists. Republicans. Levitating ice-cream truck. Apocalypse. Read the rest of this entry »


Is Bond Too Blond?

Posted by Jonathan On November - 1 - 2006

blondebondDaniel Craig

Favourite Bond: “Well, I can’t be led on that. I can say… Robert Shaw. [laughs] Another blond! Yes, I can say that. Because I’m Bond, so fuck off!”

Favourite Bond film: “From Russia With Love, with Robert Shaw.”

I’d never gamble… “No family members. You don’t sell your family off” But I fucking adore gambling…”

Is Bond too blond? “Oh, fuck off! I dunno!” Read the rest of this entry »


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