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Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception

Posted by Jonathan On July - 27 - 2010

Do you like to be called Leo or Leonardo?

Either one is fine. Leo is probably the only nickname I’ve had. Most people call me Leo.

Didn’t they try to make you change your name?

Yeah, there when I was 11 years old when I first wanted to be an actor professionally. We went to an agent and they wanted to change my name to Lenny Williams. Read the rest of this entry »


DVD review: Alice In Wonderland

Posted by Jonathan On July - 24 - 2010

Grim, bilious and maddeningly unsurprising, Tim Burton’s journey down the rabbit-hole Frankensteins together severed portions of two Alice books and Lewis Carroll’s epic poem Jabberwocky but ends up missing… what? Its “muchness”? Dodging a corset and a snooty suitor in the tedious intro, Alice (Defiance starlet Mia Wasikowska) is now a 19-year-old runaway bride who grapples with her own bodily changes and ill-fitting clothes before donning a suit of armour, decapitating a dragon and drinking its blood. This isn’t Uncle Walt’s Wonderland, for sure. Read the rest of this entry »


Film review: Brick

Posted by Jonathan On July - 21 - 2010

Fear and desire, paranoia and lost innocence, sex and violence, betrayal and revenge… The mean streets of film noir? Or the school daze of adolescence? Brilliantly spliced and sutured in Rian Johnson’s ultra-cool indie debut, they’re parallel universes with a perfect fit. Teen noir? Could be a gimmick. But Brick’s opening scene of a dead body face-down in the water is the closest it comes to film-nerd shot homage. Johnson’s genre-riffing mystery thriller is much smarter than that. Read the rest of this entry »


The (Toy) Story Of Pixar

Posted by Jonathan On July - 18 - 2010

Bobbing helplessly like a tiny cork, a 12-year-old boy drifts alone in the middle of the freezing Atlantic Ocean. With every minute, he’s dragged further and further away from his father, who’s also been caught in the rip current that’s left them treading water far out to sea.

Darkness falls. By now, the father can barely see the boy. He’s scared. His son has autism. Jellyfish begin to sting them both.

The man calls into the night: “To infinity…” Read the rest of this entry »


Robert Rodriguez: Predators

Posted by Jonathan On July - 13 - 2010

Robert Rodriguez, Nimrod Antal and the cast of Predators reveal why they ain’t afraid of no reboot…

Robert Rodriguez (producer):“Do I have an opinion of the Alien Vs Predator movies? Yeah, just enough to go, ‘We don’t want to go that route!’ They killed off the Predators with the AvP movies, but they knew they had a classic Hollywood monster and wanted to bring it back. They needed a filmmaker that was a big fan. I am. Read the rest of this entry »


Larry David: Whatever Works

Posted by Jonathan On July - 10 - 2010

Is Woody Allen a hero of yours?

Yes, he’s an idol. For sure. Maybe, one of my few.

Woody has a lot of female muses. Do you?

I think my only muse is my mother. Her voice is the most accessible to me in my life. I can hear her screaming at me many times during the day. ‘LARRY! PUT A JACKET ON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHAT, YOU’RE GOING OUT IN THIS, IN THIS WEATHER WITHOUT A JACKET?’ Read the rest of this entry »


World Cup 2010: Movie Team!

Posted by Jonathan On June - 10 - 2010

You might have heard about it already, but there’s some sort of international football tournament being played in South Africa this month. To celebrate England’s impending victory in the World Cup, we could have given you a list of the greatest football movies ever. But we’re better than that. So here, lacing up their boots in dreamland, are the movie characters who’d make our starting eleven. Read the rest of this entry »


The REAL Movie Stars

Posted by Jonathan On June - 7 - 2010

1. The real… Rocky Balboa

It ain’t how hard you can hit… Sly Stallone based Rocky Balboa on no-hope heavyweight slugger Chuck Wepner after seeing him battle invincible world champion Muhammad Ali in an extraordinary fight in 1975. No one expected Wepner to last three rounds. But he took everything Ali could throw – then floored the champ with a bodyshot in the ninth. “Hey, I knocked him down!” grinned Wepner as he went back to his corner. “Well done,” replied his trainer. “But he looks really pissed off now…” Read the rest of this entry »


Jake Gyllenhaal: Prince Of Persia

Posted by Jonathan On June - 2 - 2010

Do people still struggle with your surname?

Oh, definitely, man. Yeah, that’s like my favourite thing ever: the many mispronunciations of the name Gyllenhaal. Gill-en-hale, Gyle-en-hall, Gyle-en-hale. Particularly when somebody does know what you’ve done and they’re like, ‘YOU’RE JAKE GALLILIANHOOL! Yeah? Oh, I love your work!’

Does it bother you?

No, I forgive them. It’s an absurd last name. It’s Swedish. Read the rest of this entry »


Jean-Claude Van Damme: JCVD

Posted by Jonathan On May - 31 - 2010

“Maybe this is going to be one of your best interviews,” says Jean-Claude Van Damme, on a shaky phone line from Hong Kong. Well, why not? There’s a hell of a lot to talk about. His rivalry with ponytailed face-smasher Steven Segal. The time he blinded a stuntman by sticking a thumb in his eye. The time he got an erection on TV. And, mostly, his comeback from career-death in one of the coolest indie movies of 2008. Part comedy, part biopic, part heist movie, JCVD hands Van Damme the most complex and fascinating role of his career: himself. Read the rest of this entry »


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